Easy and Fun Mathematics Or Why Can’t You Do Math in Your Head?

How many times have you been cheated simply because you did not had time to calculate the sum of what you bought? How many times have you trusted the seller but got cheated?

How many times have you suffered and felt shame just because you could never understand all the romance behind the numbers? If none, congratulations – you are a lucky person. If several or many times, welcome to the club! – you must know that there is a cure, actually more than one.

A traditional, but a difficult method – you could simply study all the mathematic books again. Does not sound lucrative? Not, I agree! That’s why I would like to share with you The Easy Way out of this problem. This is especially important nowadays when each cent counts.

Knowing these simple secrets you will be able to calculate faster in your head than most of us with a calculator. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Many people, just like you and, me have taught these important but extremely simple math secrets and they are shocked and keep asking themselves: “Why no one taught me this when I went to school? Why were I not given these amazing tools?” I like to compare it this way – you were taught to walk up the street backwards, now it’s time to walk forwards.

If you are going in school now – this is your shortcut to Fast Math calculations giving you an advantage over the others.If you are an adult – missing these simple secrets is the reason why you can be easily cheated.

The secret of Fast and Easy Mathematics was rediscovered after 3000 years !!! Todays methods taught at school are not simple, in fact they are blocking your potential not releasing it.

How simple is this multiplication 43 by 38? Do you need a calculator? Wrong – all you need is simple knowledge and you will be able to multiply these and other number faster that you could type them on your calculator. What about adding and subtracting fractions in seconds? All those tests what they give to pupils at school are just taking them further and further away from the simplest truth there is – mathematics is simple if you have the right tools.